Training & Evaluation

How do we measure the quality of our training?

The Training & Evaluation team offers a variety of evaluation tools to evaluate the quality of Academy training. They are:

  • End-of-Course Questionnaires that assess student reaction to the training.
  • Post-Course Questionnaires that assess the effect of training on job performance.
  • Training Value Questionnaires that estimate the dollar value that training adds to the organization.


Evaluation data summaries are available on user's computer screens. Users are notified by cc:Mail each time their course data is updated. Data is consolidated at the course, branch, division, and Academy levels.

Trend Analysis

Evaluation ratings that fall out-of-range are highlighted in the data summaries, so users can easily detect trends in the data. If trends indicate potential training deficiencies, users are able to investigate causes and take corrective actions, as needed.