Transportation and Communications Infrastructure in the Arctic Circumpolar Region

The Alaskan Region continues financial and management oversight of a 1.5 million dollar grant awarded to Institute of the North (ION) for work in support of the Northern Forum and the Arctic Council by the Circumpolar Infrastructure Task Force. Work covers multi-modal transportation as well as communications infrastructure and involves the eight nations comprising the Arctic Council: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States. ARC administers this grant on behalf of the US Department of Transportation.

Under this grant, ION works on the developing the transportation and telecommunications infrastructure in the Arctic Circumpolar Region. An economic study, commissioned by ION, shows promise for an Edmonton-Anchorage-Sakhalin air link. The aviation Infrastructure Database concentrates on the areas indentified as boundaries by the Arctic Council and the Northern Forum and development of that database offers economic and operational efficiencies. ION and Canadian organizations are working together on a possible cross border demonstration with Capstone/ADS-B. Pilots are attesting to safety and capacity benefits resulting from weather cameras installed in the White Pass at Fraser, BC, Canada through a project between Canada and ION.