We utilize the photography medium to capture messages in an artistic manner, conveying information and training through images. Whether a project requires special lighting, timed exposures or use of highlight filters, the photography services within Media Solutions can adapt to fit customers needs while accentuating areas that need emphasizing.

A variety of photographic opportunities are available: images can be captured for both historical and archive purposes, event photography, product documentation, aerials, including group and individual portraits. Some assignments require capturing images in their truest form without photo-touchups or doctoring. Capturing true images for legal purposes is one of our specialties in order to demonstrate the authenticity of equipment failure, etc.

Media Solutions photography continues to be used in a variety of applications such as brochures, web site design, posters, conference displays, booklets, and training documents.

Let us put the principles of lighting, color, framing, and composition together for you in helping get your message communicated.