Our award-winning technical staff offers you a wide range of creative services - writing, editing, producing and graphic animation. The team is dedicated to developing intriguing presentations, with an emphasis on training and education. Our goal is to keep production costs low and production values high. We're fully equipped to handle every stage of the production process, from script to screen and everything in between. Whether it's a thirty-second public service announcement or a full-blown training series, our turnkey production team is ready to brainstorm with you.

Products and Services available

  • Conceptualizing & Brainstorming
  • Non-linear editing
  • Stock footage library
  • On-location recording (re-creations; original scenes)
  • Steadi-cam expertise
  • Various video enhancement processes
  • 3-D animation and modeling capabilities
  • Music & Sound effects library
  • Full service television studio
  • Teleprompter capability
  • Open/Close captioning
  • Video tape duplications
  • International tape format conversions
  • Lipstick camera capability
  • Professional talent casting (actors and narrators)
  • Scriptwriting and copywriting

Award Recognition

  • Freddie Award (America Medical Association)
  • Aegis Awards; International Television Association
  • U.S. Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation
  • Secretary of Commerce Award for Customer Service Excellence
  • Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Commendation