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EWR Airport Diagram

EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport

EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport (Activities)
Develop Area Navigation (RNAV)/Charted Visual to Rwy 22R to eliminate use of VFR GDP11/10/2016 - 03/29/2018
Project InitiativeDescriptionStatus StartFinish
Develop RNAV/Charted Visual to Rwy 22R The NextGen initiative will allow some overflow arrivals to Rwy 22R to reduce controller workload. This lessens the need for Ground Delay Programs in good weather. Not feasible due to length of final approach and proximity of Teterboro Airport. Will be re-evaluated if airspace constraints are resolved for "Closely Spaced Parallels Operations". 11/10/2016 03/29/2018

This action plan is intended to establish a climate of accountability for the FAA, airports, and airlines. No project will be implemented prior to the completion of all required analysis, reviews and approvals. The information provided is for planning purposes only. For actual Runway and Taxiway Closures, and Equipment Outages, please review current Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs).