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JFK Airport Diagram

JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)
JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport (Activities)
Utilize ADS-B to Improve Traffic Flows and provide Weather Observation and Forecast data to Cockpit11/03/2008 - 09/18/2014
Project InitiativeDescriptionStatus StartFinish
ADS-B Advisory Services (Surface Service Volume 196). A NextGen initiative, this will provide real and near real-time distribution of weather observation and forecast data to the cockpit. IOC declared 9/18/14. 11/03/2008 A 09/18/2014 A
ADS-B Air Traffic Control Advisory Services (Surface Service Volume 196). ADS-B will provide surveillance of ADS-B equipped aircraft and vehicles as a non-critical sensor input to the ASDE-X, fused with radar and multilateration. IOC declared 9/18/14. 01/31/2012 A 09/18/2014 A
A = Actual Date

This action plan is intended to establish a climate of accountability for the FAA, airports, and airlines. No project will be implemented prior to the completion of all required analysis, reviews and approvals. The information provided is for planning purposes only. For actual Runway and Taxiway Closures, and Equipment Outages, please review current Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs).