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LGA Airport Diagram

LGA - LaGuardia Airport

Runway Status Lights (RWSL)
LGA - LaGuardia Airport (Activities)
Establish Runway Status Lights (RWSL)12/30/2008 - 09/30/2015
Project InitiativeDescriptionStatus StartFinish
Installation/Checkout Install electronics and equipment shelters, perform necessary inspections prior to commissioning. Site Acceptance Testing was complete July 18, 2014. CAI scheduled for week of 10/20/14. System performance optimization will occur prior to IOC. 12/30/2008 A 01/31/2015
Initial Operating Capability (IOC) The RWSL system will be operational. All Air Traffic Controllers and ground vehicle operators and a minimum of two Technicians will be trained. Pilots will be briefed?prior to lights being activated. Two technicians have completed training. Ground Vehicle Operator training will begin in January to realign with updated system activation schedule. AT training tentatively scheduled for Jan/Feb.   03/31/2015
Commissioning Runway Status Lights are a safety enhancement to provide pilots with info regarding runway activity. System will work in conjunction with ASDE-X.     09/30/2015
A = Actual Date

This action plan is intended to establish a climate of accountability for the FAA, airports, and airlines. No project will be implemented prior to the completion of all required analysis, reviews and approvals. The information provided is for planning purposes only. For actual Runway and Taxiway Closures, and Equipment Outages, please review current Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs).