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NY Metro Airports

Data Last Posted: 04/15/2014 - 10:37 AM

NY Metro Airports (Projects)
Utilize ADS-B to reduce spacing 08/11/2011 A 06/01/2014
Starts Prior to 2014Begin: 08/11/2011, Finish: 06/01/2014Ends in 2014
NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign 11/03/2011 A TBD 
Starts Prior to 2014Begin: 11/03/2011, Finish: 12/31/2018Ends after 2018
Provide SA Category (CAT) II Capability - ISP RWY 06 09/03/2012 A 12/10/2015
Starts Prior to 2014Begin: 09/03/2012, Finish: 12/10/2015Ends in 2015
Provide SA Category (CAT) II Capability - HPN RWY 16 04/28/2011 A 11/13/2014
Starts Prior to 2014Begin: 04/28/2011, Finish: 11/13/2014Ends in 2014
A = Actual Date

This action plan is intended to establish a climate of accountability for the FAA, airports, and airlines. No project will be implemented prior to the completion of all required analysis, reviews and approvals. The information provided is for planning purposes only. For actual Runway and Taxiway Closures, and Equipment Outages, please review current Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs).