In 2007 the airline industry had one of the worst performance records in aviation history. New York area airports have more delays than any airport in the country. Approximately 75% of all delays in the National Airspace System occur because of delays in the NY Metropolitan Area airspace. Delays have a direct impact on the aviation industry and the ability to transport passengers and goods in a timely and cost-effective manner. We exist to fix that.

How We Accomplish our Mission

The New York Area Program Integration Office
  • leads a matrix team consisting of representatives from the Air Traffic Organization, Aviation Safety, Airports, and Aviation Policy, Planning and Environment
  • oversees the integration of all activities to address congestion and flight delays
  • facilitates communication among all stakeholders
  • integrates all parts of the New York Metropolitan Area Delay Reduction Plan, with a focus on:
    • facilities
    • equipment
    • airspace changes
    • process/procedures
    • timelines