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Planning Personnel

The Planning and Capacity duties of the Planning and Environmental Division include providing guidance on airport planning issues and developing techniques, methods, and procedures for use in airport planning. Primary responsibilities include —

  • Addressing issues that affect short- and long-term capacity at the Nation's busiest airports
  • Ensuring locally prepared estimates of aviation activity are consistent with the Agency's official aviation forecast
  • Integrating airport planning into environmental processing
  • Converting closed military airfields to civilian use
  • Preparing the biennial National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)

General Inquiries

Staff Directory

Name Position Telephone Responsibilities
Kent Duffy Operations Analyst (202) 267-3961
  • NextGen Integration with Airport Development
  • Airport Capacity and Delay modeling, including FACT reports and Airport Capacity Profiles
  • NAS-Data (Radar) Release for Airports
  • Vehicle ADS-B Technology
  • Runway Length Evaluations
  • Critical Aircraft Determinations
Sharon Glasgow Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-8739
  • National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
  • Runway Development Plans
  • Enplanement and All-Cargo Data
Michael Lawrance Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-7648
  • Airport Master Plans
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Siting Requirements for Airport Renewable Energy Systems
Luis Loarte Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-9622
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation for Airport Planning
  • Airport Master Plans
  • Airports Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) and Electronic Airport Layout Plans (eALP)
  • Commercial Space Transportation at Airports
Christina Nutting Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-9277
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Aviation Forecasts
  • Runway Protection Zones
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at Airports
William Reinhardt Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-8173
  • Airport Master Plans
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Passenger Terminal Planning
  • Airports Geographic Information Systems (AGIS)
Vacant Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-4636
  • Airport Planning
  • Aviation Forecasts
  • Airport Geographic Information Systems
  • Commercial Space Transportation at Airports
Vacant Airport Planning Specialist (202) 267-9596
  • Runway Protection Zones
  • Land Use Compatibility
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Airport Master Plans
  • Aviation Forecasting