The Licensing and Evaluation Division, formerly the Licensing and Safety Division, carries out AST's responsibility to ensure public health and safety by licensing commercial space launches and re-entries, licensing the operation of non-federal launch sites, and determining insurance or other financial responsibility requirements for commercial launch activities. This division also issues experimental permits for developmental reusable suborbital rockets and safety approvals for launch vehicles, reentry vehicles, safety systems, processes, services, and/or components for commercial launch operations and personnel performing functions related to licensed/permitted launch activities.

To carry out its licensing function, the Licensing and Evaluation Division reviews and approves license applications, develops license terms and conditions, and when necessary, evaluates requests for waivers of regulatory provisions. The components of the licensing process include: pre-licensing consultation, policy review, payload review, safety evaluation, financial responsibility determination, and environmental review.

Ken Wong
Manager, Licensing and Evaluation Division