Photo of Michael N. GoldMichael N. Gold currently serves as Bigelow Aerospace's director of D.C. Operations and Business Growth. Mr. Gold is responsible for a broad array of activities at Bigelow Aerospace, including international business development, export control, media, corporate and federal relations, as well as NASA Space Act Agreement implementation, patent report maintenance, and general strategic planning. Before joining Bigelow Aerospace in a full-time capacity, Mr. Gold assisted the company as an attorney in the Washington office of Patton Boggs, LLP. While at Patton Boggs, Mr. Gold supported several clients in high-tech and education-related fields with a specialty in advanced aerospace ventures. Mr. Gold has also served as a state aerospace business development officer, an attorney in the Washington office of McGuire Woods, LLP, and as a summer law clerk at NASA Langley Research Center.

Mr. Gold is a member of the District of Columbia and New York State Bar Associations. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School where he founded and served as the first coordinating editor of the Journal of Constitutional Law. Mr. Gold has written three law review articles on the topic of export control and commercial space: "Lost in Space: A Practitioner's First-Hand Perspective on Reforming the U.S.'s Obsolete, Arrogant, and Counterproductive Export Control Regime for Space-Related Items and Technologies," published in the Journal of Space Law, Volume 34, 2008; "The Wrong Stuff: America's Aerospace Export Control Crisis," published in the Nebraska Law Review, Volume 87, 2008; and "Thomas Jefferson, We Have a Problem: The Unconstitutional Nature of the U.S.'s Aerospace Export Control Regime as Supported by Bernstein v. U.S. Department of Justice," published in the Cleveland State Law Review, Volume 57, 2009.