Debra Lepore Debra Lepore was appointed as the vice president and general manager of Washington Operations for Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation on January 15, 2013. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Lepore was the president of DFL Space, LLC, Bellevue, Washington. From October 2005 until December 2009, Ms. Lepore was president of AirLaunch LLC, Kirkland, Washington. Ms. Lepore was also vice-president for Business Development and Strategic Planning at Kistler Aerospace (Kistler), also in Kirkland, where she was responsible for identification and development of new business opportunities. Ms. Lepore had worked for Kistler since July 1997.

Prior to working at Kistler, she was chief of Moscow Operations for ANSER’s Center for International Aerospace Cooperation in Moscow, Russia. Ms. Lepore was also a project leader and senior engineer at ANSER in Arlington, Virginia. In those positions, she conducted technical, business, financial and policy analyses for NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the FAA, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, the European Space Agency, and the National Space Development Agency of Japan. She also served as the lead engineer for the Technical Panel of the Congressionally-mandated Space Launch Modernization Plan.