Update: The effort to develop the Kodiak EA is on hold until further notice.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of Alaska Aerospace Corporation's (AAC's) proposal to expand the launch capabilities at the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), located on Kodiak Island's Narrow Cape, Alaska. The KLC currently operates under a Launch Site Operator License (LSOL) issued by FAA.

Under the proposed action, FAA would issue a LSOL modification to AAC to include a new launch pad and medium-lift launch capability at KLC. This would allow AAC to expand their KLC operations from a small-lift launch complex to a small- and medium-lift launch complex. Under the LSOL modification, AAC would construct a launch pad, vehicle processing facility, rocket staging facility, air plant/liquid fueling facility, and a mission control center, and modify an existing road. The EA also may be used to support the licenses for future vehicle operators and license renewals.

This website contains information on the EA and how to get involved in the process. Additional information will be added to this website as the EA progresses. Please send an email to Stacey.Zee@faa.gov if you would like to be added to the project mailing list.