The State of New Mexico, through the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, proposed to operate Spaceport America, a commercial space launch site. The site is in Sierra County, New Mexico, approximately 45 miles north of Las Cruces. To operate a commercial launch site, the state must obtain a Launch Site Operator License from FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation. The FAA prepared an Environmental Impact Statement to address the potential environmental impacts of issuing a license to the New Mexico Spaceport Authority.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Spaceport America Commercial Launch Site, Sierra County, New Mexico, was released in November 2008.

Volume I - Executive Summary and Chapters 1-11 (PDF)

Volume II - Appendices (PDF)

A Programmatic Agreement (PDF) was developed, which outlines the processes to develop plans to avoid, minimize, or mitigate adverse impacts to historic properties.

The Record of Decision (PDF) was signed on December 15, 2008. The Record of Decision provides FAA's final environmental determination and approval to support the issuance of a Launch Site Operator License to the New Mexico Spaceport Authority to operate Spaceport America.