eFAST Ceiling Price Lists

eFAST projects are categorized by Functional Area (FA). As part of planning projects labor categories are defined and maximum rates are associated based on these tables.

The price lists are organized by Functional Area, by vendor, by year, onsite and offsite, and finally by labor category. These are the constituent parts of the Contract Line Item Numbering(CLIN). For each CLIN, the first character is the year, the next two are the FA, the next three are the labor category and the final character designates onsite and offsite rates.

These price lists should be consulted after determining the appropriate FA, and after reviewing the labor categories in the Master Ordering Agreement.


eFAST Ceiling Prices by Functional Area(FA)

Air Transportation Services (ATS) (MS Excel)

Business Administration Managment(BAM) (MS Excel)

Research and Development(RD) (MS Excel)

Engineering Services (ES) (MS Excel)

Computer Systems Development (CSD) (MS Excel)

Computer Systems Support (CSS) (MS Excel)

Documentation and Training (DT) (MS Excel)

Maintenance and Repair (MR) (MS Excel)


eFAST Other References

eFAST Master Ordering Agreement 2013 (PDF)This version of the ordering agreement is valid for new MOA Holders receiving an eFAST MOA during Open Season 4 in 2013 and current MOA Holders receiving the MOA extension described in the Open Season 4 SIR.

eFAST Master Ordering Agreement (PDF)The ordering agreement contains the general contract terms, a description of the functional areas and a description of the labor categories.

eFAST Brochure (PDF)