Promote global interoperable seamless air navigation service in cooperation with international partners through the development and maintenance of air traffic control operations and supporting infrastructure linkages and technologies to effectively address global, regional, and cross-boundary plans, activities, and policies.


Name Title Phone
Karen Chiodini Manager, AJV-824 (202) 385-8931
Beth Luciotti Specialist, AJV-824
NextGen Concepts
Offshore Procedures
ICAO Activities
(202) 385-6133
Keith Dutch Specialist, AJV-824
Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Activities
North Pacific Region
South Pacific Region
(202) 385-8459
Steve Pinkerton Specialist, AJV-824
Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures (ATOP)
North American Region
North Atlantic Region
(202) 385-8384
Pete Hall Specialist, AJV-824
Safety Management
Separation Standards
ADS-B Oceanic Operational Procedures
ADS-C Oceanic Operational Procedures
(202) 385-8505
Jerry Bordeaux Specialist, AJV-824
North Atlantic Region
Caribbean Region
(202) 385-8329
Jorge Chades Specialist, AJV-824
North American Region
Caribbean Region
South American Region
(202) 385-8461

The Oceanic Air Traffic Procedures Office, AJV-824, is engaged in developing an Oceanic and Offshore Concept of Operations (NOOCD) that will be used to support future oceanic and offshore concepts and programs. To further this effort coordination has been effected with the FAA and NATCA to obtain controller operational expertise to identify possible shortfalls within your working environment. We invite air traffic controllers at oceanic/offshore facilities to complete the online survey below. Your input will be compiled and used to develop concepts and roadmaps. Some identified shortfalls may be unique to either a specific facility or region, in order for us to better understand these facility/regional concerns we ask you to identify your facility, primary job function, and experience. Your input will remain anonymous.

The URL for the survey is: http://s.zoomerang.com/s/NOOCD-ATC-SURVEY

WATRS Plus Route Structure Redesign & Separation Reduction Initiative Webpage
This webpage contains key information and guidance on the WATRS Plus Initiative

Cross Polar Work Group (CPWG)
This web page contains background information of the CPWG and pertinent meeting information and materials

New Operational Policy, Procedures and Information

Arctic RNP10 Separation Reduction Project

Oceanic Separation Reduction Work Group
The Oceanic Separation Reduction Work Group (OSRWG) was formed to address FAA's strategy to support the overall Oceanic Air Traffic Management (ATM) concept, including separation reduction and other airspace enhancements. This strategy is described in the Oceanic Strategic Plan. The OSRWG will be the decision making body for all oceanic separation reduction initiatives.

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)
The goal of RVSM is to reduce the vertical separation between flight level (FL) 290 and FL 410, inclusive, from the current 2000 feet minimum to 1000 feet minimum, in order to gain fuel savings and operational efficiencies.

Pacific Comm/Nav/Surveillance (CNS) Requirements/Options
Operators should access this section for operational policy and procedures required to operate in Pacific airspace where reduced aircraft separation standards and enhanced comm, nav or surveillance (e.g., CPDLC, RNP, ADS-C) are applied.

Ask the Oceanic Program Ask questions pertaining to ongoing projects and future plans. Questions will be referred to experts in the fields of Air Traffic, Flight Standards and Safety Analysis and Modeling.