What/Where: Implementation of RVSM in the West Atlantic Route System (WATRS)

When: November 1, 2001

Type: Permanent

This NOTAM serves as Notice of Intent to implement exclusionary RVSM airspace in that portion of WATRS airspace contained within New York FIR. For a detailed picture of the boundaries of this exclusionary airspace, please go to the FAA website described in paragraph 5 of this NOTAM.

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) is vertical separation of aircraft by 1,000 ft above FL 290. By September 1, 2001, WATRS operators should have received RVSM aircraft (airworthiness) and operational approval from the appropriate State authority. WATRS operator/aircraft approval by September 1, 2001 will enable air traffic to plan for orderly RVSM implementation.

Beginning November 1, 2001 only RVSM compliant aircraft will be cleared to operate at RVSM altitudes in WATRS airspace contained within New York FIR. RVSM altitudes in WATRS are expected to mirror those of MNPS airspace in the North Atlantic, currently set at FL310-FL390. Aircraft that are not RVSM compliant (e.g., State aircraft, ferry and maintenance flights) will only be cleared to operate in WATRS exclusionary airspace after prior coordination with the appropriate Center. 2000 ft vertical separation will be applied to such aircraft. FAA points of contact at each pertinent facility will be made available prior to November 1, 2001.

RVSM will be implemented in WATRS in accordance with ICAO regional agreements. ICAO recommends that State authorities and operators use FAA Interim Guidance 91-RVSM (14 March 1994 and Change 1, June 1999), Joint Airworthiness Authorities Temporary Guidance Leaflet 6 or equivalent State documents as the basis for approving aircraft and operator programs for RVSM. Current information and RVSM approval documents, including revisions, can be found on the web site maintained by the FAA, and on individual State web sites. The FAA RVSM web site

For questions on the aircraft and operator approval process, the following contacts may be used:

FAA IATA Latin America Office IATA Europe/North Atlantic Office Operators must begin coordination with the appropriate State authority as soon as possible to ensure that they are RVSM approved by September 1, 2001.