The NAT on January 24th 2002 completed implementation of RVSM throughout the north Atlantic including the West Atlantic Route System that began March 27, 1997. The entire North Atlantic requires RVSM from FL290-FL 410 inclusive. All aircraft that have not been approved for RVSM operations are excluded from this airspace. Ongoing system performance monitoring and review of aircraft approvals continues.

Note: MNPS airspace is FL 285 to FL 420 and does not include the West Atlantic Route System airspace

Under the North Atlantic RVSM implementation program, the following benefits are accruing

  • Improved operations/efficiency
  • Greater availability of the more fuel-efficient altitudes
  • Greater availability of the most fuel-efficient tracks or routes
  • Increased probability that an operator will be cleared onto
    the desired track or altitude
  • Enhanced controller flexibility to manage traffic through an
    increased number of available altitudes