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Acronyms used in Amendment 1 letter and in ICAO 2012 Briefings

ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
ADS-B Out Capability The ability to periodically broadcast horizontal position, vertical position, horizontal and vertical velocity and other information.
ADS-B In Capability Traffic Information Service�Broadcast (TIS-B) and Flight Information Service�Broadcast (FIS-B) is received, processed and displayed in the flight deck.
ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider
APAC FPL & AM/TF Asia Pacific Flight Plan and ATS Messages Task Force
APV Approach with Vertical Guidance
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
APV Approach with Vertical Guidance
BARO-VNAV Barometric Vertical Navigation
CPDLC Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
D-FIS Data Link Flight Information Services
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
EOBT Estimated Off-Blocks Time
FANS Future Air Navigation System
FMC Flight Management Computer
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
HF High Frequency
HFDL High Frequency Data Link
ILS Instrument Landing System
INMARSAT A private mobile satellite company
IRIDIUM A private mobile satellite company
IRU Inertial Reference Unit
LORAN Long Range Aid to Navigation
LPV (APV with SBAS) Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance
MLS Microwave Landing System
MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specification
MTSAT Meteorological Satellite
NAM North America
NEW The flight planning and ATS message formats as specified in Amendment 1 to the PANS-ATM DOC 4444 15TH edition.
PANS-ATM Procedures for Air Navigation Services � Air Traffic Management, Fifteenth Edition (PANS-ATM, ICAO DOC 4444 15th edition)
PDC Pre Departure Clearance
PBN Performance Based Navigation
PRESENT Present flight planning and ATS message formats as defined in the current version of the PANS-ATM.
RCP Required Communication Performance
RNP Required Navigation Performance
RTF Radio Telephony
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
SATCOM Satellite Communication
SBAS Satellite Based Augmentation System
Significant Point A specified geographical location used in defining an ATS route or the flight path of an aircraft and for other navigation and ATS purposes.
SSR Surveillance Radar
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
UAT Universal Access Transceiver
VDL Voice Data Link
VHF Very High frequency
VOR Very High Frequency Omindirectional range
WPR Waypoint reporting

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