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FAA ICAO Flight Plan Guidance

This section describes general flight plan filing guidance, and interface requirements for sending electronic-format flight plan messages via Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) to FAA en route automation systems. Audiences for this information are flight plan filing services and pilots.
The format of the ICAO flight plan changed significantly in November, 2012. For an overview of the changes introduced by the ICAO 2012 flight plan please see the ICAO 2012 Quick Reference Brochure.
Pilots - individuals who file a flight plan through a flight plan filing service Flight Plan Filing Service (FPFS) - any entity which files electronic flight plans directly with FAA via AFTN
Information needed when filing FAA Form 7233-4, Flight Plan, is described in the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Section 1, Paragraph 5-1-9. The needed information includes such items as aircraft identification, special equipment, departure/arrival points, cruising altitude and route of flight.

Note: Please consult ICAO Document 8643 before providing your approved 2 � 4 character aircraft type to avoid rejection of your flight plan.

Operational Approval Guidance Table

ICAO Guidance on PBN

How to File a Flight Plan After gathering the appropriate information for FAA Form 7233-4, any of the following means can be used to file your flight plan:

  • Submit a hardcopy flight plan form to a Flight Service Station
  • Call Flight Services (1-800-WX-BRIEF or 1-800-992-7433) - Provide the information to the flight services specialist, who will file your flight plan.
  • Direct User Access Terminal Systems (DUAT) is an FAA-contracted service which provides direct access to weather briefing, flight planning and flight plan filing information through two vendors. The service is free to qualified pilots, dispatchers and other authorized users at http://www.duat.com or http://www.duats.com.
  • File electronically with a Flight Plan Filing Service � Other commercial Flight Plan Filing Services are available to pilots; information on these services can be found on the internet or through aviation publications and notices.
This section provides references for filing ICAO Flight Plans and associated flight planning messages including:

Filed Flight Plan (FPL)
Modification (CHG)
Delay (DLA) Cancellation (CNL)

The information provided in the links below, includes ICAO guidance and published supplementary requirements, instructions and guidelines for proper filing of FPLs with FAA�s En Route Automation System (ERAS).

FAA ICAO Flight Planning Interface Reference Guide (PDF, 818 KB)

ICAO Document 8643

Operational Approval Guidance Table

ICAO Guidance on PBN

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