The Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) public website provides general information about the program and serves as the program's portal to industry for communications from the TFDM program office.

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About TFDM

TFDM is a NextGen program that will change the face of the air traffic environment. It will serve as the automation platform for air traffic to support airport surface operations and aircraft activities in proximity of the airport. It will provide the capability to electronically process and distribute flight data to the various control positions in the FAA air traffic facilities and will provide the ability to share necessary data with the flight operators, fixed based operators, and airport operators.

TFDM core flagship capabilities consist of the following:

  • Initial Surface Management System
  • Electronic Flight Data Exchange
  • Surveillance Data Integration with Flight Data
  • Departure Scheduler
  • Enhanced Data Exchange with External Stakeholders

TFDM Timeline

The FAA is exploring the delivery of limited airport surface efficiency COTS capabilities.

Specifically, these capabilities will be delivered through the following TFDM functionality:

  • Aircraft state and intent data exchange between stakeholders.
  • Limited Surface Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) capabilities to include scheduling information displayed at air traffic control towers (ATCTs), Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facilities, Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), and the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC).

This timeline is to establish preliminary milestone schedules and not to obligate the FAA to perform any specific contracting activities or meet any program dates.


Release of RFIs, draft documentation, and instructions for comments will be provided via the FAA Contracts Opportunity website.

Along with the release of an RFI, the FAA may release draft acquisition documentation for industry comment prior to release of any future TFDM RFP.

TFDM Conflict of Interest List

This information is current as of June 2014, and is also available on FAACO, DTFAWA-14-R-00012-0005.

This posting is of those companies that are providing support to the TFDM Program Office. All contracting staff is required to fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Conflict of Interest (COI) form prior to being eligible to support the program.

TFDM Forms

All interested parties will be included on the interested parties list for promoting subcontracting/teaming. Interested parties that do not wish to be included on the interested parties listing must indicate in response to this notice. Vendors are further cautioned that Small Business Size Standards are NAICS dependent. Both the Business Declaration Form and the Interested Parties Forms are for any company interested in submitting a proposal or having their company���s name listed.

FAA ATO Technical Industry Forum

The FAA ATO hosted a Technical Industry Forum on April 23–24, 2014 and has posted briefings and presentation materials.

Program News

As discussed at the FAA ATO hosted Technical Industry Forum in April 2014, the TFDM Program pledged to provide industry with additional acquisition status of the program as it became available.

The TFDM Program Office is currently in the process of revalidating the program's requirements. The results of a revised program strategy is planned to be briefed to the JRC in late August 2014. Following the JRC's approval, the TFDM Program Office intends to provide industry the opportunity to hear an overview of this revised revision to the program strategy at an industry briefing. Fall 2014 is the tentative target to release a draft SIR and to conduct the one-on-ones in early 2015 to discuss the content of the draft SIR.

As each opportunity is being officially coordinated, the event will be posted on this page. A date and location will be provided along with a registration page for your company to address.

TFDM Team Contact Information

Michael Huffman, TFDM Program Manager, and Leslie Fisher, TFDM Contracting Officer, comprise the TFDM team.