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The ATO Data Management Directorate, AJR-D, was established on April 5, 2012 as a part of the ATO headquarters realignment. Per FAA Notice N1100.332, the directorate functions as part of the System Operations Service Unit.

The FAA ATO Data Management Directorate is responsible for four primary functional program areas: NAS Data Release Board, NAS Data Repository, ATO Data/Information Management, and the ATO Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) and BLOCK programs.





James Wetherly Director (Acting), Data Management (AJR-D) 202-267-6497
Damon Thomas Manager, Program Management 202-267-5300
Todd Bethea Data Policy 202-267-0910
Bill Blacker Block Aircraft Registration Requests (BARR) 202-267-0346
Gene Hayes NAS Data Release Board 202-267-0137
Greg Schaefer NAS Data Warehouse / Overflights 202-267-0138
Mojdeh Supola Data Policy / Data Standards 202-267-1026

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