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Dr. Woody Davis,

The Data Management Directorate, AJR-D, was established as a new organizational group on April 5, 2012 as a part of the ATO headquarters realignment. Per FAA Notice N1100.332, the directorate functions as part of the System Operations Organization. The System Operations Organization is responsible for planning, directing, implementing, overseeing, and continuously monitoring all programs related to air traffic control systems used by the FAA at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), located in Herndon, Virginia, and throughout the United States.

The NAS Data Management Directorate is responsible for four primary functional program areas: NAS Data Release Process, NAS Data Repository, ATO data and information sharing policy, and the ATO Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) and BLOCK programs.

NAS Data Release Process: The Director of NAS Data Management chairs the NAS Data Release Board and provides guidance for the NAS Data Release Process for the Vice President of Systems Operations. The NAS Data Release Board has members from various Service Units in the ATO. The NAS Data Release Board evaluates all applicable NAS Data Release requests for the FAA to determine if they are eligible for approval by the NAS Data Management Director. The FAA may only release NAS data to external organizations identified in a MOA. All data releases must be approved by the NAS Data Management Director pursuant to guidelines set forth in order 1200.22E. Data recipients must submit a new data release request if they wish to provide NAS data to any third party not listed in an existing MOA. This is intended to prohibit further release of NAS data without FAA approval. ASDI data must be filtered for all sensitive data by the FAA prior to release. Due to increasing concern for security, new security screening procedures are needed to reduce the risk of NAS data being used for unlawful purposes, or in a manner that could harm National Security.

NAS Data Repository: The program maintains relational databases on aeronautical data; performs safety data analyses; and develops user applications for approximately 250 customers. The program also maintains aeronautical data in support of the FAA’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) program, ATO litigation, accident investigations, and other FAA organizational safety programs. This program’s effort includes the statutorily required (49 USC §45301 et seq) Overflight Fee for Service Program that generates approximately $75 million in NAS user fees annually.

ATO Data and Information Sharing Policies and Standards: The program develops policies, standards, and technology approaches to support complex information exchange environments to support internal and external stakeholders such as Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), and NextGen. The program coordinates policies and standards for enterprise-wide use with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Office of Aviation Policy and Plans (APO) and security stakeholders.

ATO Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) Program: The BARR program protects the legitimate privacy and security interests of General Aviation (GA) aircraft owners, operators, and their passengers. The program is the single point of contact for individuals and groups who want to block the display of their flight information in Aircraft Situational Display to Industry (ASDI). The program develops and maintains Memorandum of Agreements with data users to accomplish data sharing in accordance with the agency's mandate to protect their privacy. The BARR program ensures release of flight information and data from the ASDI feed is not comprised and that the availability of the information to the FAA and law enforcement agencies is not diminished.


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