Flight Advisory - In & Near Chugach State Park

Knik Glacier, Eagle Glacier, Lake George, Eklutna Areas

Posted Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Refer to the following caption.

Knik Glacier, Lake George, Eklutna Flight Advisory

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Flight Advisory
Knik Glacier, Lake George & Eklutna Area

  1. Heavy flightseeing activity in and around Chugach State Park, Surface to 10,000 AGL, Operations: 24 Hours
  2. Aircraft operating near Knik Glacier, Lake George, Eklutna area should utilize 122.7 as a traffic advisory frequency.
  3. Position Reports should be give in the following format:
    1. Preface with "Knik Traffic Advisory"
    2. Identification (type and color of aircraft would be useful)
    3. Position
    4. Altitude (MSL)
    5. Intentions
  4. Please fly with your lights on.
  5. Palmer Flight Service Station tie-in: 122.4


A. Eklutna Glacier 61�14' 15"N 148�58' 45"W
B. Whiteout Glacier 61�09' 30"N 148�54' 30"W
C. Upper Lake George 61�10' 25"N 148�43' 55"W
D. Colony Point 61�15' 45"N 148�31' 30"W
E. Upper Gorge 61�19' 15"N 148�32' 25"W
F. Lower Gorge 61�23' 30"N 148�35' 40"W
G. Gannet Point 61�21' 20"N 148�27' 30"W