Canada User Fees

Flights into Canada are subject to mandatory user fees. These fees are assessed by NAV CANADA, the commercialized operator of all air traffic control and navigation services in Canada. Fees for aircraft under 2 metric tons maximum take off weight operating in Canadian airspace are $68 per year (Canadian dollars) or $17 per quarter. US aircraft in this size range will be charged the quarterly rate.The charge remains the same whether the airplane makes one landing and takeoff or 100, provided all operations are done within a single quarter of the annual fee period. The fee only applies if you land at least once at a Canadian airport. Aircraft that simply transit Canadian airspace between departure and arrival points in the United States are exempt from the fees, even if they receive Canadian ATC services enroute. For the U.S. pilot, no paperwork is required. By filing a flight plan, or announcing your N-number with ATC or FSS at your arrival airport , will trigger the billing process. Expect to provide your N-number for each flight, or NAV CANADA will charge you the quarterly rate for each arrival airport. NAV CANADA will accept checks, money orders, or credit cards, and payments in Canadian or U.S. dollars. NAV CANADA is authorized by law to ask the courts to "seize and detain" aircraft that have unpaid or overdue charges. There are other fee schedules for larger aircraft and other types of operations.

Fees are subject to change. Pilots flying to Canada should contact NAV CANADA at the 800 number or web site listed below for the latest information regarding user fees

NAV CANADA toll free phone number for user fee information. 1-800-876-4693-4

NAV CANADA Service Charges and Administration Web Page

Quarterly Periods

  • December - February
  • March - May
  • June - August
  • September - November