Information Sharing to Transform the Aviation Community



System Wide Information Management (SWIM), one of the five transformational NextGen programs, is the infrastructure that allows members of the Aviation community to access the information needed to facilitate an innovative and efficiently run National Airspace System (NAS). More »


SWIM supports the FAA Flight Plan goals. The Flight Plan is a roadmap and report card for FAA performance. More »

Segment 1 Approach

Rather than developing a separate SWIM infrastructure, the program will provide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based standards, guidance, and core capabilities software to National Airspace System (NAS) programs that will host the software on their existing hardware. More »


SWIM supports the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)-endorsed Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) goal to simplify processes and unify work across agencies and within the lines of business of the federal government. More »


The transformation to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) requires programs and technologies that provide more efficient operations, including streamlined data communications capabilities. More »


The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program is a National Airspace System (NAS)-wide information system that supports Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) goals. More »

Differentiating SWIM

Because SWIM is an information sharing concept – it is often perceived as more abstract when compared to something more concrete in the information technology (IT) world, such as a discrete IT system. SWIM involves multiple stakeholders, and the standards it is implementing will affect many IT projects at the FAA. More »

Service Oriented Architecture

SWIM provides the basis for information exchange between systems based on the principles of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA is an architectural approach for organizing and using services to support interoperability. More »

Our Partners

As the SWIM Program strategically progresses towards an end goal of promoting information sharing in the National Airspace System (NAS), it is increasingly important that the aviation community join with the SWIM Program as partners in shaping future needs. More »