SWIM provides the basis for information exchange between systems. For applications and systems to be accessible and interoperable via SWIM services, it is necessary for these applications and systems to be SWIM-compliant. This requires common understanding of and definitions for SWIM compliance, compliance boundaries and associated standards/policies.

SWIM compliance includes standards and policy categories. Four types of standards-related compliance components are categorized as Data Compliance, SOA Service Interface Compliance, Service Messaging and Transport Compliance, and SWIM Programmatic Compliance. The Policy category includes Service Policy Compliance component. Specific standards and/or policies are associated with each of these compliance categories. The taxonomy of SWIM compliance is presented in the figure.

The SWIM Requirements and Governance team continues to work compliance issues, associated standards and policies, compliance classes due to the incremental development of SWIM and the varying needs of SWIM services from different NAS applications/ systems. For more information on SWIM compliance, please view the SWIM Governance Plan.

Below is a diagram of the Compliance structure; hover over the area of interest and click on the link to review detailed information.

For FAA Standards for Services, please visit http://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/nas/system_standards/standards/.