SWIM Controlled Vocabulary
A controlled vocabulary developed to provide a single source for terms and definitions commonly employed in SWIM/ NEMS-related documentation. The CV is available in both human-readable ( HTML) and machine-readable ( RDF) versions.
SWIM CV Frequently Asked Questions A guide for using SWIM CV
Web Service Description Ontological Model (WSDOM) An ontology intended to be a basis for model-driven implementation of SOA-related artifacts.
This ontology has been developed in Web Ontology Language (OWL) version 1.1; it consists of several files and currently available in a single downloadable ZIP file
Service Description Conceptual Model (SDCM) The Service Description Conceptual Model (SDCM) provides a graphical and lexical representation of the properties, structure, and interrelationships of all service metadata elements, collectively known as a Service Description.
The SDCM is a joint product of the FAA SWIM Governance team and the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management (ATM) Research Program (SESAR) Joint Undertaking ( SJU ).
For questions, noted errors, or suggestions, contact Mark Kaplun at mark.kaplun@faa.gov.