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FAA Grandfathered Equipment

This appendix is a list of the manufacturers with one or more pieces of approved equipment at the time of release of a change to this Advisory Circular. An addendum to this appendix, listing all current approved equipment manufacturers' addresses, is updated monthly. Listing of a manufacturer in this appendix does not indicate that all of that manufacturer's products are approved; the addendum must be reviewed to assure approval of individual products. The addendum is available on the Internet at the FAA Regulatory and Guidance Library Web site (

New Bedford Panoramex (NBP)
1037 West Ninth Street
Upland California

Equipment Model FAA Specification
ALSF-2 FA-10700 FAA-E-2689a
PAPI FA-17700 *FAA-E-2756a

DME Corporation
6830 Northwest 16th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA

Equipment Model FAA Specification
REIL FA-19900 FAA-E-2159e
REIL FA-18300 FAA-E-2159d
MALSR FA-17900 FAA-E-2325e

O.C.E.M. Acquisition Corp.
d.b.a. Multi Electric Mfg., Inc.
4223 West Lake Street
Chicago, Illinois 60624

Equipment Model FAA Specification
Semiflush Steady Burners FA-23000 FAA-E-2952 and FAA-E-2968

*Notes: Without RMS Requirements

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