Decision Considerations - Aerospace Medical Dispositions
Item 41. G-U System - Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and gender reassignment require a complete review of the individual’s relevant medical history and records. For initial consideration the Examiner must defer and submit the following to AMCD or RFS:
  • A current status report to include:
    • All current medications, dosages, and side-effects; and
    • Copies of all pertinent inpatient and outpatient medical records pertaining to the individual¬ís GID diagnosis, work-up, and treatment.
  • Psychiatric and/or psychological evaluations by a board certified psychiatrist and/or a licensed psychologist experienced in transgender issues that includes an assessment of any substance abuse or misuse. Neurocognitive testing is not required unless clinically indicated.
  • Hospital and post-operative report from the surgeon if individual has had surgery.

NOTE: If the individual refrains from surgery, no surgical report is required. However, if surgery is elected at a later date, follow-up reports from a psychiatrist and/or psychologist and the surgeon will be required.