Decision Considerations - Aerospace Medical Dispositions
Item 46. Neurologic - Vertigo or Disequilibrium

Common Conditions and Course of Action

Disease/Condition Class Evaluation Data Disposition
Alternobaric Vertigo;

Hyperventilation Syndrome;

Meniere's Disease and Acute Peripheral Vestibulopathy;

Nonfunctioning Labyrinths; or

Orthostatic Hypotension
All Submit all pertinent medical records, current neurologic report, name and dosage of
medication(s) and side effects
Requires FAA Decision

Note: Numerous conditions may affect equilibrium, resulting in acute incapacitation or varying degrees of chronic recurring spatial disorientation. Prophylactic use of medications also may cause recurring spatial disorientation and affect pilot performance. In most instances, further neurological evaluation will be required to determine eligibility for medical certification.