The National Simulator Program (NSP) Branch establishes standards for aircraft simulators, as well as the conduct of evaluations in simulators. The NSP also oversees initial and recurrent evaluations of flight training devices (FTDs) at the more complex levels.

Additonal NSP Branch Functions:
  • Designates simulator evaluation specialists to serve on FAA Flight Standardization Boards and Flight Operations Evaluation Boards
  • Develops and administers all policy matters, directives, and advisory material relating to aircraft simulator and flight training device standards for evaluation and qualification.
  • Recommends and initiates rulemaking projects related to simulators and FTD’s.
National Simulator Program

Federal Aviation Administration
National Simulator Program, AFS-205
100 Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30354

Phone: (404) 832-4700
Fax: (404) 761-8906

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