The Repair Station Branch is the principal element in the division for all repair station maintenance related to technical training, regulations, policies, and procedures, including development of certification, inspection, and surveillance policy.


  • Develops, implements, and evaluates all standards and program policies regarding repair stations for domestic repair stations and repair stations outside the United States.
  • Develops, implements, and evaluates bilateral aviation safety agreement / maintenance implementation plan (BASA / MIP) agreements.
  • Coordinates all division policy with the Transportation Security Administration as it relates to repair stations outside the United States.
  • Coordinates all division policy as it relates to repair stations with other divisions within Flight Standards.
  • Provides technical assistance and guidance to other agency elements concerning maintenance regulatory aspects of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 145.
  • Provides division support for development and implementation of safety management systems.
  • Provides technical guidance to other Flight Standards divisions, the regions, and other elements of the agency on all operational and technical facets of repair stations.
  • Provides technical assistance to other FAA elements, Government agencies, industry, and international aeronautics organizations.
  • Provides division support to the International Programs and Policy division in relationship to the International Civil Aviation Organization programs in matters concerning aircraft maintenance.

Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters
Repair Station Branch, AFS-340
5th Floor, 950 L'Enfant Plaza, S.W.
Washington, DC 20024

Phone: (202) 267-1675
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