Overview (PDF)

The FSL Tool Set includes:

  • RNAV-Pro – (RNAV Routes and Procedures): Software tool that provides to procedures developers a screening tool to aid in the development of RNAV routes and procedures.

  • RDVA-Pro (RNAV Departure Vector Areas): Design tool used to generate RNAV Departure Vector Areas, which allow radar vectoring to an area where the RNAV procedure begins.

  • RPAT-Pro (RNP Parallel Approach Transition): Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Parallel Approach Transition (RPAT) Design Tool.

  • EOSE (Engine-Out Surface Evaluator): Evaluates engine-out related surfaces to identify obstacle penetrations.

  • FPOE (Final-Approach Obstacle Penetration Evaluator): Evaluates final approach surfaces to identify obstacle penetrations.