Heliport Surface Calculator (Straight-In) 4/22/2011 Validated AFS-420 5/5/2011
FATO half-width (HHW): ft  graphic
Egress / Centerline : °
Magnetic Bearing  to Obstacle in degrees from center of FATO:  °
Slant Range (Distance to top of Obstacle): ft
Elevation Angle to obstacle: °

A/D and Transitional Surfaces:  
Range  (ground distance to obstacle):
X  (distance to obstacle along centerline)
Y  (distance to obstacle from centerline)
Z   (height of obstacle above FATO)
Penetration (A/D):
Penetration (Transitional):

A/D and Lateral Extension Surfaces:
Penetration   (A/D):
Penetration  (Lateral Surface):