The PARC provides a forum for the United States (U.S.) aviation community to discuss, prioritize, and resolve issues, provide direction for U.S. flight operations criteria and produce U.S. consensus positions for global harmonization. PARC input was invaluable in the drafting of the Roadmap for Performance-Based Navigation, and they have helped update numerous FAA regulatory documents as well. They continue to provide guidance and recommendations to help the FAA transition to a performance-based National Airspace System.

Brief History of the PARC

  • Sponsored by AVS, the TAOARC was formed as a forum for the Aviation Industry to have their voices heard, November 2001
  • Membership reduced and transitioned to the PARC with FAA Order 1110.139, February 2004
  • PARC re-chartered in March 2006, again in March 2008, again for four years in June 2010, and most recently in June 2014 for four years

Chair: Mark Bradley, Delta
Designated Federal Representative: Bruce DeCleene, Manager, Flight Technologies and Procedures Division, AFS-400

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Questions about the PARC, email Carrie Brady.