Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
150303 PARC PBN "Open SID" Guidance for Implementation and Use Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided recommendations for the use and implementation of "Open SID" and when it should not be used in airspace design.   Open
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
140424 PARC GBAS Report Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided a GPS Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) Implementation Plan for key airports provides business case, aircraft equipage forecast, funding options and future Research and Development. NextGen ANG-1 is evaluating the Implementation Plan for GBAS. Open
140828 PARC Historical Winds Recommendations (PDF) PARC recommended draft criteria for updates to Order 8260.58 in 2015. Open
140828 PARC Open SID Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided recommendations for design criteria for "Open SID" concept and a description of how to deal with local winds in design criteria. Open
140828 PARC RNP to xLS Recommendations (PDF) PARC developed design criteria for RNAV/RNP intermediate segment to join an ILS, GLS, or final approach. Open
140908 PARC OPD Design Guidelines Recommendations (PDF) PARC developed recommendations for design consideration for Optimal Profile Descent Procedures to maximize the safety and efficiency of arrival traffic flows. 150114 FAA Response and Action Plan (PDF) Open
140916 PARC Vectors to RNP Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided the report to modify vectors to RNP Approaches that will simplify clearances, reduce congestion, and provide more direct routing. The effort requires additional procedure design work. Open
141103 PARC DLR Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided recommendations for modifications of the Data Link Recording Rule. Open
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
130520 PARC Recommendations for Climb Via Implementation (PDF) PARC provided a recommendation that would ensure a successful Climb via implementation with creation of an implementation plan. The FAA accepted the recommendations. PCPSI later collaborated on a Climb via FAQs document which the FAA published. Closed
130617 PARC RVSM LOA Process Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided recommendations to streamline processes for RVSM operational approvals. The FAA accepted recommendations and published revised inspector guidance in Order 8900.1 Flight Standards Information Management System. Closed
130617 PARC Magnetic Variation Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided recommendations to update the Anchorage and Fairbanks (common alternate) magnetic variation (MagVar) values to maximize the capability with ILS operations with current MagVar Data. This highlights the need for improved communication from FAA and OEMs Source Data. 150129 FAA Response Letter and Action Plan (PDF) Open
130908 PARC FltDAWG Final Report Recommendations (PDF) PARC and CAST provided a document entitled "Operational Use of Flight Path Management Systems" that reviewed equipment design for flight operations, operational policies and flight crew procedures. The FAA is developing a plan of action and work is ongoing. Open
131213 PARC Visual OIS Final Report Recommendations (PDF) PARC was asked by AFS-420 to review Order 8260.52 in the area of visual segment analysis and offer a concur or amendment. The PARC unanimously concurred with the proposal. The FAA accepted the recommendations. Closed
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
120608 Implementation Considerations for Climb Via Letter (PDF) PARC suggested changes to Climb Via Phraseology. Adopted by the FAA and implemented on April 3, 2014. Closed
120906 CWG FOICA Recommendations (PDF) PARC submitted recommendations for FANS 1/A over INMARSAT 4 Classic Aero. The FAA developed a plan of action and implementation work is ongoing. Closed
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
110223 RNP Established Recommendations (PDF) PARC developed "RNP Established"-Parallel Approach report Jan 10, 2011 for simultaneous independent and dependent parallel approach paths with no required vertical separation for aircraft on adjacent approaches. Work is ongoing for "Established on RNP" operations. Closed
110307 FANS 1/A over HFDL Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided FANS 1/A over High Frequency Data Link Recommendations document. The FAA developed a plan of action and work is ongoing. Closed
111209 PBN Procedure Naming Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided recommendations for procedure naming and to clearly delineate PBN requirements on charts. The FAA accepted the recommendations. Additional work for PBN charting is ongoing. Closed
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
100127 RNP Process Letter (PDF) For greater safety and capacity PARC provided inputs to accelerate the production of terminal instrument approach procedures based on the concept of PBN. Overlays of existing procedures will ease the workload burden. Recommended update relevant guidance materials. The FAA accepted inputs and updated relevant guidance materials. Closed
100128 SIAP Coordination Letter (PDF) PARC recommendation to AFS-1 that all Instrument Approach Procedures be posted on one website and add a statement to the federal register for posting Part 97 procedures. All procedures are posted IAW FAAO 8260.19 to one website for simplicity. Third party approaches will not be available to the public due to proprietary legalities.

Part 97 Change:
100328 RNP to ILS Recommendations (PDF) PARC pursued information of auto-flight systems ILS capture designs for RNP transitions (LNAV/VNAV). The team report indicated that the concept is possible. Moved to the Navigation Working Group for further work. Ongoing analysis under RNP to xLS. Closed
100709 FAR 121.579 Recommendations (PDF) PARC recommended FAR 131.59 and 135.93 for autopilot minimum use height. Modernized autopilot minimum use height rules to allow for operational safety improvements in modern air carrier aircraft. The FAA accepted the changes and published rulemaking. Closed
100917 FANS 1/A over Iridium Letter (PDF) PARC submitted FANS 1/A over Iridium (FOI) and Performance-based Concept Recommendations. The FAA developed a plan of action and work is ongoing. Closed
101007 RNP Benefits Recommendations Cover Letter (PDF) PARC submitted the constant radius ARC to a Fix (RF) Navigation leg types in public RNP Procedures. Analysis is ongoing. Open
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
090421 RNP Concepts and Benefits Letter (PDF) The RNP Concepts and Benefits Letter discusses the early successes of RNP SAAAR approaches and the exploitation of safety benefits. The PARC provided two papers titled, "Concepts and Benefits for Terminal RNP Procedures" and "Applications of Benefits of Required Navigation Performance (RNP)." These documents provide principle, concepts, and benefits of using RNP for terminal arrival and departure. Action ongoing to address recommendations. Closed
090810 AC90-101 Appendix 3 Letter (PDF) PARC provided the requisite changes for AC 90-101 Appendix 3 to better define database validation of source data and how significant changes will be handled. The FAA accepted the changes. Implemented in AC 90-101A dated 2/23/11. Closed
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
080404 PARC Critical Decisions Letter DSWG (PDF) The PARC submitted a plan for document strategy for performance-based navigation concepts, capabilities, and priorities. High-level guidelines and specifics for future growth included. Majority of action implemented. Closed
080731 PARC Letter To Sabatini AC (PDF) PARC Letter to AVS-1 on updating AC 90-101 and 8260.52 RNP SAAAR Documents updated AC 90-101A published 2/23/11 and Order 8260.58 (dated 9/21/12) replaced 8260.52 Closed
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
070131 VFWG 8260.32B Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided updates to Order 8260.32B The FAA accepted recommended changes and Order published Mar 10, 2009. Closed
070330 Letter On Benefits Interaction (PDF) PARC Recommendation regarding the avoidance of complexity and adverse interaction for both RNP and RNP SAAAR at the same location. The FAA ensured airports determined where RNP SAAAR approaches can provide an advantage over basic RNP when they share a common lateral path. Closed
070424 RPAT Letter From PARC (PDF) RPAT Letter from PARC included an implementation Plan for RNP Parallel Approach with Transition RPAT. This initiative was evaluated but not implemented. Closed
070524 PARC Airspace Recommendation Letter To Sabatini (PDF) PARC Airspace Recommendation Letter expressed need for a controlled airspace for RNP SAAAR Approaches at airports with no control tower or part-time CT. Airspace changes to 14 CFR 91.155 were implemented to ensure RNP SAAAR Approaches remain in controlled airspace at outlying airports that have part-time or no control tower.

The consensus is to leave this open until it is developed further.
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
060321 PARC Critical Decisions Letter Priorities (PDF) PARC recommended implementation priorities for critical high-level policy decisions for PBN and provided long-term concepts and capabilities for implementation of PBN. Near-, mid-, and long-term initiatives submitted. The FAA accepted but the recommendations have been overcome by other strategic inputs. CDWG updates wrapped into the 061208 status. Closed
060731 PARC Data Link Roadmap Letter (PDF) The CWG provided a Roadmap for implementation that complements RNAV/RNP. PARC Data Link Roadmap should include implementation of Air Traffic data link services in domestic airspace and resolve issues with data link technologies FANS 1/A and ATN. The FAA accepted the document. Closed
061031 Basic RNP Letter To Sabatini (PDF) PARC developed and recommended RNP Procedure Criteria. Clarified 6 remaining items. Accepted. The FAA supports two lines of minima for RNAV and RNP.

AC 90-RNP and revisions to AC 90-101 will implement RNP

Performance-based NAS education and training emphasized for inspector training.

The FAA published guidance material in the form of FAA Order 8260.54A updated with 8260.58 and AC 90-105.
061101 AC90-100a Letter To Nick (PDF) PARC provided changes for AC 90-100A. Recommend renewal of AC 90-100A for U.S. Terminal and En route Area Navigation Operations to align with ICAO PBN Manual. The FAA concurred with the recommendations and a revision to AC 90-100A was published 03/01/07. Closed
061101 VFWG Letter To Sabatini (PDF) PARC Procedure Criteria Action Team recommended input for the Advisory Circular to complement RNAV Instrument Procedure for Helicopter Order 8260.42B. PARC submitted updates to Order 8260.42B and included Point-in Space (PinS) policy and numerous other changes. The FAA concurred with the recommendations and published updates to Order 8260.42B. Closed
061208 FASDAWG Letter (PDF) PARC FASDAWG provided Suggestions and Recommendations for DA in a turn. Strong support by the PARC Steering Group to keep this open for further consideration. Placed in the Navigation Working Group for future work. Closed
061208 PARC CDWG Recommendations (PDF) PARC CDWG Recommendations for optimum integration of performance based navigation, surveillance, and communications for NextGen. Rulemaking action completed and guidance materials were published.

14 CFR 121.579, 125.329 and 135.93. Order 8260.54A updated and AC 90-108 and 90-101A implemented.
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
050126 Public RNP Letter To Sabatini (PDF) The PARC provided recommendations for Public RNP Procedure Criteria complementary to N8000.287. The FAA concurred with the recommendations and published FAA Order 8260.52 and AC 90-101.

050126 RNP IAP Implementation Letter (PDF) PARC provided recommendations for public RNP procedure criteria. Complete Implementation of RNP SAAAR special procedures for the 9 sites previously recommended by the PARC. The FAA concurred with the recommendations and published procedure design criteria. FAA Order 8260.52 promulgated for Approach Procedures and reissued as FAA Order 8260.58. Some recommended sites implemented and others after study were determined to have obstacle, environmental, or other issues preventing implementation. Closed
050825 HFWG SIDS Letter (PDF) PARC objective was to identify ways that flight management errors at DFW could be detected and corrected before takeoff.
  1. Changes to FMS for SID Departures
  2. Published Safety Alert Notice
  3. ALPA/APA bulletin
  4. SC – 217
Accepted. Proposed changes adopted and safety information distributed to pilots. Closed
050830 PARC Critical Decisions Recommendations (PDF) PARC provided government/industry consensus recommendations for critical high level policy for performance based navigation implementation. Accepted. Combined with the recommendations for 061208 to include appropriate rulemaking effort. Closed
Recommendations/Letters Summary FAA Action Status
040301 PARC SAAAR Site Recommendations (PDF) Developed RNP SAAAR approaches for identified sites
PARC SAAAR Site Recommendations:
Palm Springs – 3
Houston – 2
New York JFK – 5
Washington DC – 2
Portland – 5
Newark (29) – 2
Chicago MDW – 3
Newark (4/22) – 2
Tucson – 2
Pittsburgh – 6
The FAA concurred with recommendations.

Partial Acceptance. Some recommended sites were implemented, others after study were determined to have obstacle, environmental, or other issues preventing implementation.
040724 LOA Letter To Sabatini (PDF) PARC provided the final draft version of AC 20–DB to assure the integrity of databases used in navigation systems. The FAA accepted the recommended practices which have evolved into AC 20–153 and 20-153A. Closed