The Airmen Certification and Training Branch (AFS-810) is responsible for certification and training of airmen (pilots, ground, and flight instructors) and pilot schools under 14 CFR parts 61 and 141. The branch:

  • Ensures the initiation of appropriate corrective actions concerning FAA’s regulations/policies, procedures, standards, and operating practices as a result of reviewing investigations and hearings resulting from GA accidents, incidents, and violations.
  • Advises AFS-1, the Associate Administrator, and other officials on advanced flight training, GA management systems, and flight training standards. The branch is responsible for the development and implementation of standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Participates on the Flight Operation Evaluation Board (FOEB) and Flight Standardization Board (FSB).
  • Ensures course sponsors and mentors coordinate with AFS-500 to ensure that new and existing courses are accurate, kept current, and meet AFS objectives and the organization’s needs.
  • Develops program requirements, technical guidance, and policies for flight instructor refresher course (FIRC), including the monitoring of these courses by FAA personnel.
  • Develops program requirements, technical guidance, policies, standards, and approvals for Aviation Training Devices (ATD) used to satisfy airman experience and training requirements under both 14 CFR part 61 and 141 pilot schools.
  • Analyzes NTSB Safety Recommendations and prepares required responses on its findings following an accident investigation.
  • Responds to FAA Safety Recommendations from field offices and takes proper action.
  • Drafts and reviews applicable chapters of the current edition of Order 8900.1, Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS), for the training and certification of airmen (pilots, ground and flight instructors), part 91 (except for air traffic and aircraft maintenance rules), pilot schools, 14 CFR parts 101, 103, and 105.
  • Coordinates with AFS-600 on draft and changes to the current edition of Order 8900.2, General Aviation Airman Designee Handbook, with primary responsibility for policy and procedures for inspectors and designees in their conduct of pilot, flight instructor, and ground instructor certification activities. Provides support to AFS-600 concerning the initial and recurrent standards for designee appointment.
  • Liaison with the TSA, Department of Justice (DOJ), and other agencies on security issues related to pilot certification.
  • Service as the co-chairperson of the National Examiner Board (NEB)
  • Develops standards, policies, and procedures examining and appointing private persons to be representatives of the Administrator under the provisions of Title 49 of the United States Code (49 U.S.C.) § 44702 with respect to the certification of airmen (excluding medical and air traffic control (ATC) operators), and manages the NEB.
  • Coordinates with the FAA co-chair of the IHST to review/implement IHST recommendations.
  • Coordinates with AFS-700 on standards for pilot, flight instructor, and ground instructor certification.
  • Develops program requirements, technical guidance, and policy for the approval of Institutions of Higher Education authority to certify graduates for an airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate with reduced aeronautical experience.
  • Coordinates with AFS-200 on the program requirements, technical guidance, and policies for the approval of training providers to conduct the ATP Certification Training Program (CTP). Serves as the primary policy branch for the review of ATP CTP training courses conducted under 14 CFR part 141.
  • As directed by AFS-1, assists in the development, implementation, and oversight of bilateral agreements related to airmen certification.

Regulatory Areas of Responsibility

  • Part 61 Certification
  • Part 141 Certification


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Mailing Address:
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