The Analysis and Information Program Office is responsible for providing AFS executives with operational and organizational risks/metrics that will assist them with their decisionmaking. The program office is also responsible for the National Safety Analysis function of the Flight Standards Safety Assurance System. The functions of the Office include:

  • Providing analytical support to AFS executives by identifying emerging aviation safety issues, improving the quality of FAA safety data, and disseminating safety information to the AVS/AFS organization.

  • Assisting other organizational elements in developing performance metrics for AFS activities and initiatives.

  • Managing the Safety Performance Analysis System, including guidance regarding its interpretation, user training, requirements for development of new modules and performance measures, and reporting on effectiveness of indicators.

  • Supporting work program process owners in the development of management tools for resource targeting and workload prioritization to support more effective accomplishment of national work programs.

  • Developing analytical techniques, products, and tools that provide hazard identification and analysis of aviation safety data for trends, and disseminating aviation safety data to internal and external customers.

Stephen Foulke, Acting Manager
Federal Aviation Administration
Analysis & Information Program Office
45005 Aviation Drive, Suite 131
Dulles, VA 20166

Phone: (703) 661-0532
Fax: (703) 661-0101