This office is responsible for managing and supporting continual improvement initiatives for:

  • Flight Standards Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS)
  • National Program Guidelines (NPG)
  • Certification Service Oversight Process (CSOP)

The office collects and responds to feedback from the users of these systems, provides input on national policies and procedures for the oversight of air operators, air agencies, airmen, and dispatchers, and recommends enhancements for oversight business processes, policy, data collection and automation tools. The office is divided into three functional areas:

  • Policy Team  -- authors national oversight policy guidance.
  • Technical Support Team  -- develops, authors, and maintains data collection quality standards and the ATOS data collection tools.
  • Automation Team  -- develops, deploys, and maintains software requirements, automation user guides, and tutorials for systems-based oversight of the Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS), Regional Automated Modular Planning System (RAMPS), and Certification Service Oversight Process (CSOP).

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