The division is also responsible for:
  • Development and oversight of national work program guidelines, policies, standards, and practices related to air carrier certification, inspection, and surveillance activities.
  • Development and issuance of national policies, standards, systems, procedures, and program plans relating to certification and surveillance of air carriers and associated air agencies and airmen.
  • Implementation of policy and program directives to guide FAA regional offices, national and international field offices, and certificate management offices (CMO) in administering aviation safety programs, and operational evaluation and analysis of field execution of national programs.
  • Technical resource coordination and standardization for field elements.
  • Development and issuance of national directives providing technical guidance on policies and procedures relating to certification and surveillance of the U.S. air transportation system.
  • Analytical support, management of safety data, examination of safety data for trends, and dissemination of safety information.
  • Resource targeting and workload prioritization for all certificate management teams, and development of management tools to support more efficient and effective work program accomplishment.