Alaskan Region FAASTeam POC
Alaskan Region FAASTeam Field Office
222 W. 7th Ave #14
Anchorage, AK 99513
Phone: (907) 271-5514
Email the Alaskan Region FAASTeam POC

Note: The email contact link above goes to a general mailbox at the Alaskan Regional Headquarters Office. If your message is specifically for the FAASTeam please note "Alaskan Region FAASTeam POC" at the beginning of your message.

Our goal is to reduce accidents and injuries while promoting a positive aviation safety culture in Alaska through data analysis, targeted intervention strategies, educational outreach, and cooperation with other aviation stakeholders. Our efforts include:

  • Safety Management System implementation assistance for operators
  • Flight Instructor Workshops
  • Public Safety Seminars for pilots and mechanics
  • Risk management education for passengers
  • General Aviation educational products available on the Web
  • Strategic collaboration with aviation safety organizations

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