Feedback on Alaskan Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) Issues

The FAA assigns Common Traffic Advisory Frequencies (CTAFs) to provide a single radio frequency for pilots to communicate with each other in the vicinity of an airport or landing area when not in communication with Air Traffic Control on other assigned frequencies. In Alaska only, the FAA has established CTAF Areas, covering a defined geographic zone, which may include multiple airports or landing areas, utilizing a single radio frequency. This has hopefully provided a safer operating area for pilots operating in the vicinity of multiple airports, or in congested areas used for flight-seeing, industrial or other activities.

In an ongoing effort to improve safety, the FAA has provided a mechanism for the public to provide feedback on CTAF assignments across Alaska. If you wish to provide feedback directly to the FAA Safety Team you may Click Here To Provide Feedback. This link will get your concern or comment to the Alaskan FAA Flight Standards Division. Please be sure to address your comment as "CTAF Safety Comment" so that it is easily identifiable and will be forwarded to the Regional FAA Safety Team POC.

There is also a link on the Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation website if you prefer to send your feedback through the Safety Foundation. This link will also provide a way for report a problem. Information received from both links will be forwarded and reviewed by the appropriate FAA organizations which may include FAA Airports Division, Flight Service, Air Traffic Control and/or individual airport owners/operators. Your feedback and input is very important to the safe operation of aircraft in congested areas, so if there are problems that regularly occur, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention.

Alaska Supplement Mat-Su/Cook Inlet/Denali CTAF Information