Alaska is a huge state. If you were to imagine it positioned over the Lower 48, Alaska would stretch from the Atlantic Ocean across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. Flying to Alaska is an adventure, and flying safely in Alaska requires thorough planning and special attention to the fact that Alaska has some of the most remote and rugged terrain on earth, with airports, fuels stops and weather reporting points are far apart. Alaska is very unforgiving of poor pilot training, planning and decision making. Alaska truly is the last frontier. You should carefully consider your experience and background before beginning such a trip.

However when pilots are current, proficient and the trip is well planned; flying in Alaska should present no particular problems and can be the trip of a lifetime . Alaska summer flying weather is generally good with long daylight hours. But expect delays due to adverse weather and marginal VFR conditions. State of AlaskaDo not push the weather. Get weather briefings and updates from Flight Service. Ask for and give pilot reports often. And remember always file a flight plan!

In cooperation with industry experts, we've also produced many informative safety brochures and videos to help pilots manage risk. Please take the time to read and watch, and we always encourage practicing the recommended techniques with a competent flight instructor at a safe location before going to the field.

Likewise getting to Alaska from the lower 48 states through remote portions of Canada can present similar challenges. Please use the information below and ask questions when they arise. The FAASafety team in Alaska would be glad to try and answer your questions before or during your trip.

We also highly encourage you to contact a Flight Service Station in Alaska in the area you plan to fly. They would also be happy to share local knowledge with you:� Alaska Flight Service Stations (FSS)


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