Planning and Program Management Branch

Tracy Leese, Manager

The Planning and Program Management Branch provides staff assistance to the Flight Standards Division Manager, provides administrative assistance to the Flight Standards field offices, and manages:

    Budget and Logistics
  • Budget Reporting and Analysis
  • Acquisition
  • Purchase Card Management
  • Real Estate
  • Travel/Gov Trip Issues
  • Travel Card Management
  • Labor Distribution Reporting
    Managerial Assistance
  • Organizational Development – Coaching/Mentoring Program
  • Business Plan
  • Facilitation Services
  • Advisory on Managerial and Employee Matters
  • FS Recognition Program
  • FLSA – Comp Time/Overtime/Work Schedules
    Equal Employment Opportunity
    Accountability Board
    Ethics/Financial Disclosures
  • Leadership Enhancement and Development Program (LEAD)
  • Technical/OJT/LACT Training
  • Personnel Actions
  • New Hire Process
    Administrative Program Management
  • OSHA
  • OWCP
  • ASI Credentials
  • Passports

Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Standards Division, ASW-210
2601 Meacham Blvd., Room 626
Ft. Worth, TX 76137

Phone: (817) 222-5212