The Digital En-Route Supplement is specifically designed to provide digital airspace data not otherwise readily available. The supplement is produced every 56 days coinciding with the airspace cycle. The individual sections are:

  • High Altitude Airways (Conterminous United States)
  • Low Altitude Airways (Conterminous United States)
  • Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and Selected Oceanic Routes
  • STARs - Standard Terminal Arrivals and Profile Descent Procedures
  • DP - Departures Procedures

Routes are listed numerically in ascending order according to the official description. A break in continuity of a route is indicated by a blank space in the listing. Navigational aids and fixes are listed with their official location identifier; if one has been assigned. Fixes without official location identifiers (airway intersections, ARTCC boundary crossing points, etc.) are identified by a five-digit computer code (FAA number). This number is for automation purposes only and not intended to be used for any part of a filed route of flight.

Additions and revisions are indicated by an appropriate symbol next to the changed item. Where applicable, deletions are identified in the back of each section.

The DERS is included with a subscription to the Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP).

If ordering through FAA, please provide the FAA Product IDs with your order for faster service.

Note: When downloading large files, it is best to download one file at a time using a broadband internet connection during off-peak hours.

Name and FAA Product ID
Product Product ID
Coded Instrument Flight Procedures CIFP
Downloadable Coded Instrument Flight Procedures DCIFP