The Logistics Group provides replication and dissemination services for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aeronautical charts and publications and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) nautical charts and maps.

Printing provides prepress, printing, and finishing services. The production elements of the Team include production management, digital engraving, quality assurance, manual and digital imaging photography, litho-process plate-making, pressroom functions, and finishing operations. (Many aeronautical charts have a 28 day revision cycle and are printed on an extremely tight schedule to ensure they contain the latest changes). Equipment used by the Team includes: two 5-color 60 inch Harris sheet-fed presses, a color proofing system along with 2 HP plotters; 2 Escher Grad large format image setters; 2 large format Luscher Scanners and a Luscher Computer to Plate system.

Distribution is responsible for the sale and distribution of FAA's aeronautical and NOAA's nautical charts and related publications to Government agencies, the public, and approximately 450 Authorized FAA Chart Sales Agents. The Team's responsibilities include selecting and monitoring Authorized FAA Chart Sales Agents; determining print quantity requirements for charts and related publications; initiating print orders; and accounting and maintenance of customer mailing lists. The critical missions of the Team include the timely distribution of date-sensitive charts and publications and the maintenance and production of current information about inventory and revenue. The Team contracts for warehousing, order filling, and shipping.