Enroute products.

Enroute Products Group is part of the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Organization. This group creates and provides high quality, accurate and useful Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) chart products, evaluates and develops airways, and provides enroute airway and fix support for all AIS Teams.

The Enroute Products Group supports the FAA Flight Plan and the Aviation System Standards Operations Plan. Both plans are designed to provide for the safe and efficient transportation of people and material through the National Airspace System.

Enroute Charting and Airway Development

The IFR charts are produced at multiple scales and are used for flight planning and navigation under Low and High altitude environment. Multiple scales are used within chart series to optimize chart readability while reducing the number of charts required. Chart products have been designed to be provided as hard copy (paper) charts and as downloadable digital products. The particular types of charts produced for the IFR Enroute environment are:

Navigational Charts

Planning Charts

Training Charts

  • Enroute Low Altitude covering the area of L-1/2

Enroute Charting, with input from the user community, is planning to revise and enhance the following IFR products

  • Caribbean Low/High Series

The Enroute Products Group is also tasked to develop both conventional and satellite based domestic airways for high and low altitudes and the lifespan maintenance of airways. Airways are constructed and evaluated to meet stringent criteria as published in FAA orders. This process includes evaluating terrain and man-made obstacle clearance, airspace, and navigational aid reception. This ensures the safe and expeditious flow of air traffic in support of the National Airspace System.

The Enroute Products Group also provides enroute airway and fix support data for all Aeronautical Infromation Services Groups and their products. Additionally, this group certifies and provides graphics as requested by the FAA Air Traffic Organization related to airway and associated fix data. The data provided supports regulatory publication in the Federal Register and is responsible for the compilation of enroute data within the Digital Enroute Supplement (DERS), and the correct application of such data in the Coded Instrument Flight Procedures product (CIFP).