Technology and air traffic control products.

Technology & ATC Products has two principle missions. First, the planning, development and enhancement of automated production systems to support Aeronautial Information Services (AIS) instrument flight procedures development and aeronautical charting. Second, the production and support of digital flight navigation, planning and ATC products and publications. Technology & ATC Products Group employees are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Silver Spring, Maryland and Washington DC.

The Technology & ATC Products Group consists of four teams. The Planning & Systems Development Team provides long-range planning of future automation requirements and the integration of production systems. The ATC Products Team creates and maintains Radar Video Maps for Air Traffic Control radar display systems. The Digital Navigation Products Team processes and produces the Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP), and the Digital Enroute Supplement (DERS). The Production Systems Team manages enhancements, development and system support of AIS automated production systems.

Planning & Systems Development

  • Provides overall planning and project development strategies for future technology systems within AIS.
  • Interacts with FAA Information Technology (IT) departments on technical issues such as server requirements, network issues, & hardware and software issues.
  • Tracks and reports system development metrics such as the AIS Capital Investment Program (CIP) and the Instrument Flight Procedures Automation (IFPA) program.

Air Traffic Control Products and Publications

  • Comprised of two sub-teams responsible for using today's leading technology to professionally meet the evolving needs of internal/external customers, by delivering technically sound, concise, timely, and relevant air traffic control products.
  • The Air Traffic Products sub-team provides radar video maps to Terminal Air Traffic Control facilities nationally and internationally which directly support Terminal Air Traffic Control Operations. These radar maps provide critical accurate depictions of airspace geography as well as ground geography to the controller for optimum air traffic control and navigation. Our maps provide a critical visual reference that enable air traffic controllers to direct air traffic using radar video maps superimposed on a radar scope. The Air Traffic Products sub-team team also satisfies multiple special mapping requests submitted by Terminal Air Traffic Control.
  • The Air Traffic Publications sub-team coordinates the production, publication, and dissemination of selected air traffic control operational directives, manuals, and aeronautical information publications. These safety critical documents are maintained in our electronic library and disseminated throughout the FAA, to other government agencies, the aviation public, the military and our international stakeholders abroad.

Air Traffic Plans and Publications

Digital Navigation Products

  • Provides current, accurate, and timely aeronautical information in support of civil and government aeronautical navigation requirements.
  • Produces two primary products; the Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP) and the Digital Enroute Supplement (DERS). These products are both used within the FAA to support the National Airspace System, and by other government and civil users.
  • The CIFP product is a data set modeled to the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC), Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (ARINC) Navigation Data Base (NDB) international standard (ARINC 424). The CIFP data can be used as the basis to support both enroute and terminal navigation. Data elements included in the data set are; airports and heliports, radio navigation aids, fixes/waypoints, routes, airspace, standard instrument approach procedures, standard terminal arrival procedures and departure procedures.
  • The DERS product was specifically designed to provide selected aeronautical information to directly meet internal ATC requirements, but is also used by the public for flight planning systems. The DERS includes routes, fixes without official location identifiers (airway crossing, ARTCC boundary crossing points, etc.), selected instrument approach procedure navigation aid and fix data, and selected facility data.

Production Systems

  • Manages the design, development and maintenance of hardware and software systems used for standard development, evaluation, charting and certification of airspace systems and instrument flight procedures.
  • Manages the entire Instrument Flight Procedures Automation (IFPA) program encompassing AIS Procedure Tracking System (APTS) and Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) databases; which include Standard Instrument Approach Procedures (SIAP) and Fixes, Instrument Approach Procedure Automation (IAPA), and recent Instrument Procedure Development System (IPDS) development tool.
  • Additionally, the Production Systems Team is currently developing other IFP design tools which include IFP En-Route, IFP Departure, and IFP Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STAR) development systems.