All Aviation System Standards national Orders and Notices can be found at Below is a list of the current 8200 Orders.

Order 8200.1C U.S. Standard Flight Inspection Manual

This order, including Changes 1 - 4, contains the policy, procedures, and criteria for flight inspection and certification of air navigation services, including the instrument flight procedures they support. The order applies to the flight inspection of all National Airspace (NAS) and DOD air navigation services and instrument flight procedures.

Order 8200.32A Periodic Flight Inspection Criteria for Aspen, Colorado, Localizer Type Directional Aid (LDA)

This order, dated 8/24/98, including Change 1, dated 3/20/01, establishes special flight inspection criteria and tolerances for Aspen LDA which supports only missed approach and instrument departure procedures.

Order 8200.39D Flight Inspection of Precision Runway Monitors/ Final Monitor Aid

This order, dated 5/01/09, prescribes the procedures for flight inspecting Electronic Scan (E-Scan) Precision Runway Monitors (PRM), Precision Runway Monitoring Alternative (PRM-A), and Final Monitor Aid (FMA) Display Systems. Click on the PRM Worksheet icon and save the file to your hard drive for your use or change your preferences/helpers on your browser to recognize the file and open it from its current location.

Order 8200.43 Flight Inspection of the Microwave Scanning Beam Landing System (MSBLS)

This order details the flight inspection procedures, requirements, and analysis for the evaluation of the Microwave Scanning Beam Landing System (MSBLS).