All Aviation System Standards national Orders and Notices can be found at Below is a list of the current 8240 Orders.

Order 8240.32L Request for Flight Inspection Services

This order, dated 5/01/08, establishes a point of contact for requesting flight inspection services and is directed to all offices and facilities with a requirement for these services.

Order 8240.36M Flight Inspection Report Processing System (FIRPS)

This order, effective 9/28/09, provides policy, guidance, and distribution requirements for flight inspection reports and records when using the electronic Flight Inspection Report Processing System (FIRPS).

Order 8240.41C Flight Inspection/Air Traffic On-Site Coordination Requirements

This order, dated 10/01/05, outlines flight inspection procedural and communication requirements and depicts flight maneuvers for flight inspection of Terminal Navigational Aids, to provide for standardized communications between Flight Inspection and Air Traffic personnel.

Order 8240.47C Determination of ILS Glidepath Angle, RDH, and GPI

This order, dated 3/1/01, prescribes the method by which the actual flight inspection glidepath angle, instrument landing system (ILS) reference datum height (RDH), achieved ILS reference datum height (ARDH), and ground point of intercept (GPI) are determined.

Order 8240.52, Aeronautical Data Management

This order prescribes standardized procedures for flight inspection data management. The order is effective 10/01/06.